Due to coronavirus,Shaheen Bagh protesters ready to end the strike soon


Protesters sitting in Shaheen Bagh for 2 months have also started fearing the Coronavirus. The sponsors of the protest are now considering that the protest should be ended at the earliest. 83 days have passed since December 15 last year in protest against the Citizenship Act (CAA). Inspired by this movement of Shaheen Bagh, CAA and NRC protests took place across the country.

Meanwhile, the government and administration also made all major efforts to remove the protesters from the protest, but the strike of Shaheen Bagh was not over.The issue reached the apex court, but at present, the strike in Shaheen Bagh is continuing. However, due to the way the Coronavirus is spreading in the country, Shaheen Bagh protesters are also scared and they are now planning to end the protest as soon as possible.

The government has also issued an update saying that due to the coronavirus, people should be careful and avoid going to crowded places. People living nearby in Shaheen Bagh are also coming from outside, so the risk of coronavirus remains quite high here.


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