COVID-19: As Country Goes Into Lockdown Mode, SC to Conduct Hearings through Video Conferencing


In the wake of rising coronavirus fears, the Supreme Court is taking all the necessary precautions to avoid proximity during hearing of matters. For the first time ever, the top court will be conducting proceedings through video conferencing.

With as many as 80 districts in the country imposing a lockdown in an attempt to stop the spread of the contagious disease, the apex court cosidering the shutting down routine proceedings and added that hearing in urgent matters will be carried out through virtual means.’We will cancel all proximity cards to prevent lawyers from coming to apex court,’ the SC stated.The decision was taken on a day when the court premises virtually remained empty despite being the first day of the week, which is usually a busy day.

The virtual court has been set up in the largest courtroom.The judges will sit on dias of the CJI courtroom with a computer screen in front of them. Meanwhile, lawyers will sit in the old masters’ room with monitors before them, just 100 meters away on the same floor as judges.


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