Prisoners making masks in Bihar town to avert COVID-19


From supplications at places of worship to masks being produced by jail inmates, besides busy activities at the biggest hospital, this north Bihar district is witnessing citation of all powers, human and otherwise, to prevent the deadly COVID-19 from striking. Although nobody has so far tested positive in Bihar, where the state government has imposed a semi-lockdown as a preventive measure, Muzaffarpur which hit the headlines last year for losing close to 200 children to an outbreak of brain fever seems determined not to fall prey to yet another virulent affliction.

At the Muzaffarpur Central Jail, about 50 prisoners are working overtime to produce facemasks, which is expected to provide protection to the people. Deputy Superintendent of the jail Sunil Kumar Maurya stated, “We have had a tradition of producing fabric at the Muzaffarpur Central Jail.
An idea was discovered why not use the skills acquired for producing masks which are in great demand but in short supply.”Of course, we have limited production capacity and the masks produced here will be for use only inside jail premises by inmates as well as prison department staff. But it would not be confined to Muzaffarpur jail.

The produce will be shared with nine district and sub jails falling under Muzaffarpur Central Prison as well.”The local administration seems impressed with the endeavour of the social outcasts to rise to a global challenge.


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