There is No Need to Wear a Mask if You Are Healthy: Guidelines Amid Panic-Buying of Masks to Fight Coronavirus


New Delhi: As severe coronavirus scare has grasped India with the number of positive cases crossing 30, there is an acute shortage of 95 mask — believed to be helpful to stay away from the coronavirus infection. Prices have also escalated in the face of increased demand — both in medical stores and online stores. But there is no need to panic,The health ministry has advised. Healthy people don’t need to wear masks, it said in a newly released advisory. ‘Wear a mask only if you feel unwell or have cough, fever or face difficulty in breathing,’ he added.

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Friday entreated strict actions against those charging inflated prices for face masks. His comments came in the wake of shortage of masks and sanitizers in the market and chemists charging higher than the normal price as the coronavirus scare rises.


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