Coronavirus Not Air-Borne, Not Everyone Needs to Wear Mask, Says UP Health Minister


Uttar Pradesh Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh held a meeting on Thursday in Lucknow, where he stated that Coronavirus is not an air-borne disease and hence not everyone needs to wear a face mask. People need not to panic about the situation as obstructive measures are being taken by the state government and also the six people from Agra which had tested positive at KGMU have not been yet confirmed by the NIV Lab in Pune, he further added.

Speaking to media at Annexe, Jai Pratap Singh said, ‘As of now 820 beds have been reserved for isolation across government hospitals in the stat, also seven medical colleges are roped in to provide the isolation facility if needed.Speaking about the panic and apprehension in public regarding COVID-19, Singh stated, ‘We would like to make it clear that people need not panic about the situation and also wearing N95 masks is compulsory only for the people who have symptoms and are in quarantine, their family members and relatives who are in close proximity with them can wear normal masks.”

‘People should take precautions but need not panic about it,’ he added. While talking about the number of cases in the state, Singh claimed that 175 samples were taken from different parts out of which 157 have been tested negative while reports of the rest are still awaited.6 patients from Agra and one from Ghaziabad who showed symptoms of COVID-19 and they were shifted to Safdarjung Hospital and RML Hospital respectively in the national capital.


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