Coronavirus: Virologist Ian Lipkin’s top tip for those who recover from Covid-19


Virologist Dr W Ian Lipkin,when talking to India Today, stated that those who have recovered from coronavirus should provide plasma to the plasma banks since it is effective in treating coronavirus.The plasma, obtained from recovered patients, contains big volumes of antibodies for the deadly pathogen. From the donated blood, the plasma will be used to create antibodies to fight the deadly pathogens invading the victim’s body.

Dr W Ian Lipkin, having 30 years of experience in diagnostics and outbreak response, stated that the coronavirus is one of the “most transmissible viruses” in the world.He explained that full measures are required to treat patients.Dr W Ian Lipkin stated that “large proportion of world population will be infected much like the the seasonal flu”.

He stated that it is not clear if the coronavirus will be completely eradicated giving examples measeles.Virologist Dr W Ian Lipkin added that China is experimenting with plasma technology and if they obtain successful results then it will prove to be a very beneficial measure to treat coronavirus.


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