CBSE to Release Rap Song to Help Students Beat Examinations Stress


Yes you heard it right, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is all ready to unveil its official rap song looking forward to beat exam stress. This rap song will be based on a popular Bollywood movie and is an outcome of in-house production as reported the Times of India.
The news report says that the title of the song is ‘Hum Padhenge’. It, however, added that the Board might change the title of the song if the creators come with any other ‘catchy line’.

Initially, CBSE will release the audio track of the song on its Shiksha Vaani app. The lyrics of the song were jotted down by a team of officials including Board’s chairperson Anita Karwal.

It was also mentioned that the track was sung and recorded by a group of students and staff of a Delhi Public School (DPS).The Board didn’t hire any professional musicians. It was completely dependent on its own resources and environment. The examinations for class 10th started from February 15th and it will go on till March 20th, while exams for class 12th began on February 15th and the last paper will be conducted on 30th March.


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