When Corona’s first patient found in North Korea, Kim Jong ordered this


The whole world seems to be in the grip of coronavirus and in China, 2780 people have lost their lives so far. However, during this time there is a country where the government has ordered to shoot a patient infected with the coronavirus instead of treating it.Kim Jong, the dictator there, sentenced him to death after finding the first patient of the coronavirus in his country.

According to the report, dictator Kim Jong has ordered to shoot a North Korean businessman who returned from China. Businessman suffered from the Coronavirus. The corona virus did not spread from that person to others, so he was ordered to kill instead of being treated properly.

In China, the highly dangerous coronavirus has killed 2,870 people so far. The number of confirmed cases has increased to 79,824. This virus, which originated in China, has also affected China’s economy badly.In an official statement from North Korea, it has been said that not a single patient of the Coronavirus has been found in his country and he has made complete preparations to deal with the situation.


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