Delhi Govt school students welcome US First Lady Melania Trump to their ‘happiness classes’


US First Lady Melania Trump was welcomed with applause by excited students as she interacted with them at a Delhi government school. Melania attended ‘Happiness Classes’ at the Sarvodaya Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School co-ed school in South Moti Bagh as a part of which students are taught various activities including meditation, street plays, basic obedience aimed at reducing anxiety and stress levels among children.

The first classroom she visited was decorated with paintings and the board read – “Welcome First Lady Melania Trump into the treasure of books”.On being poked by a teacher, the kids said Namaste to which the tilak-bearing First Lady replied with folded hands.She was seen enjoying the session smiling as teachers interact with students.

She also witnessed children performing Yoga asanas. Melania then came to another class, where the board read – “We welcome First Lady Melania Trump to our Happy World” – and a painting of trees was named “Gratitude Wall”. The gates too were decorated with various paintings and had the words “Welcome to Happiness Class” written over them.

Wearing a white middy length dress with flowers imprinted in yellow and red, Melania seemed to thoroughly enjoy her session with students.


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