NASA discovers water in Jupiter’s atmosphere


NASA scientists has recently discovered that Jupiters contains water in its atmosphere. According to a statement on NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s website, nearly 0.25% of Jupiter’s atmosphere comprises of water, especially around the equatorial regions.Juno’s principal investigator Scott Bolton said in the NASA article that “Juno’s surprise discovery that the atmosphere was not well mixed even below the cloud tops is a puzzle that we are still trying to figure out.

“We found the water in the equator to be greater than what the Galileo probe measured,” stated Cheng Li from the University of California who is a scientist involved with the Juno mission.”Because the equatorial region is very unique at Jupiter, we need to compare these results with how much water is in other regions,” Cheng Li further added.

Scientists have been trying to figure out Jupiter’s water content for decades and this mystery “represents a critical missing piece to the puzzle of our solar system’s formation.”


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