Nritya Gopal Das named president of Ram Mandir Trust


Thanking Narendra Modi led-NDA government for setting up the Shri Ramjanambhoomi Tirth Kshetra Trust as solidified by the Supreme Court, the Trust in its first meeting on Wednesday appointed Mahant Nritya Gopal Das as its president, VHP functionary Champat Rai as its general secretary and Prime Minister’s former principal secretary Nripendra Misra as the head of the temple construction committee.Though no date for beginning of the construction of the temple was announced, Nritya Gopal Das and Rai stated it would commence soon.

The Trust also paid tributes to all those Rambhakts, who had struggled or got ‘martyred’ during the Ram Mandir, which had been on ‘since 1528.’
The meeting held at the residence of senior lawyer K. Parasaran, also appointed Swami Govind Dev Giri of Pune as the treasurer of the trust.
Appreciating the positive initatives taken by the Prime Minister and the Central government, the Trust also expressed gratitude to the Centre and the Uttar Pradesh government for the ‘social harmony’ that prevailed during the hearing of the case in the apex court.

The Trust also showered all the efforts of ‘all those former prime ministers who had an important role in the struggle.’After 1947, the Ramjanambhoomi Mukti Campaign was the second biggest national campaign after the JP Movement..


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