Husband Sends Wife To NZ On Study Visa By Paying Rs 21 Lakhs | Wife Blocks His Mobile no. After Reaching


The state of Punjab is once again in the news. This time the case is little epic.

Case :
This case has been reported from Madi village of Bhatinda, Punjab
Mandeep Singh, the husband who is the victim in this case, has filed a police complaint against his wife Kanwar Davinder Kaur and his father-in-law Jagseer Singh
The accused woman and her father are residents of Nahianwala
According to Mandeep, he got married to Kanwar Davinder Kaur on October 9, 2017
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Mandeep’s brother Manpreet and sister-in-law Simbaljit Kaur were already residing in New Zealand, and thus the family decided to send their educated wife (Davinder) abroad as well
Mandeep spent Rs 21 lakh to send his wife to New Zealand
On February 4, 2019, Davinder departed for New Zealand on a study visa
Everything was going smoothly for a month, and Mandeep was excited to shift and settle in New Zealand along with his wife soon
However, to his shock, suddenly after a month, Davinder started showing her true colours
She started ignoring Mandeep, shifted out from the current home in New Zealand and also blocked Mandeep’s phone number
When Mandeep’s elder brother and sister-in-law tried persuading Davinder not to do so, she threatened to file a false case against entire family.

Davinder then informed Mandeep that she was in a relationship with another man and therefore did not wish to speak with him any further
On the other hand, when Mandeep rushed to his father-in-law Jagseer Singh, after being deceived by his wife, shockingly for Mandeep, the father-in-law told him that “he wanted to use him for sending his daughter abroad”
Jagseer also shamelessly told Mandeep to ‘do whatever he wanted’

The police started their investigation and registered a case of cheating against accused Kanwar Davinder Kaur and her father Jagseer Singh, after receiving a complaint from Mandeep. Incidentally, there are several such cases of fraud pending in the NRI cell of Mohali.

The Punjab Women’s Commission has come across many cases of this type of cheating when the girl has adopted such a method to go abroad and later changed the behaviour after reaching the foreign land.Earlier, NRI grooms used to cheat the innocent brides of Punjab in the name of marriage and now the brides of Punjab are cheating their grooms.While India has a National Commission For Women (NCW), who tracks record of NRI brides being cheated, there is no commission for Men that can also account for such fraudulent cases on the other gender.


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