Coronavirus outbreak: Non vegetarians take note! FSSAI to start hygiene ratings of meat and fish shops


Coronavirus outbreak:The FSSAI will soon start hygiene rating of the country’s fish and meat shops! Not just that the FSSAI CEO has raised concerns that the hygiene in the country’s meat and fish markets is ‘not good’, he said while speaking to reporters. However, he expressed confidence that the situation will improve in the coming years.
The FSSAI has also planned to set up two new food laboratories at Chennai and Mumbai JNPT, with built-up space being taken on long-term lease from JNPT Mumbai and Chennai port authorities. authorities.

In addition, the FSSAI will also have four national food laboratories. These will be located in Chennai, Ghaziabad (Delhi NCR) and Mumbai JNPT. Two food laboratories will be functioning on the Indo-Nepal border.

The Food and Safety Standards Authority of India CEO Pawan Agarwal shared concerns about the standards of hygiene that are currently followed and made it clear that these efforts are not due to the coronavirus impact.
For the last six months, the FSSAI has been auditing slaughterhouse, following which a third party sample audit comprising of more than five thousand slaughterhouses is underway.

Speaking to reporters, FSSAI CEO Pawan Agarwal stated that these ongoing efforts are not due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, the outbreak has made everyone more aware about the importance of maintaining hygiene and improving sanitation at local markets.

With its recent upgradation of the food laboratory at Ghaziabad, FSSAI’s upgradation of Kolkata food laboratory is now in an advanced stage and will soon be completed. Following this, FSSAI is set to strengthen its laboratory extension centres at Raxaul and Sanauli on the Indo-Nepal border to function as full-fledged food labs.


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