Patna University to set up advanced research centre


The 102-year-old Patna University (PU) will set up a first-of-its-kind advanced research centre to facilitate students and professors carrying out research work in various fields, as said by the officials.According to the report proposed at a syndicate meeting held recently, the research centre will be constructed at Patna Science College which will act as the central research centre for all constituent colleges. The centre will help post graduation and doctorate students to conduct research with the help of advanced technology and guidance of scholars.
Parimal Kumar Khan, development officer of PU stated, ‘The research centre will be constructed at Patna Science College at an estimated expenditure of Rs 10 crore.
The building’s construction will involve six crore rupees, while four crore rupees will be utilized for procuring instruments, machinery and other research material.’

‘The overall detailed project report has been sent to the government. Soon, tender work will start. As of now it is difficult to assume how much time the project will take to get over, He added.

Notably, PU was awarded B+ grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) team that had inspected the university in 2019. Other constituent colleges of PU also failed to get an ‘A’ grade.Taking this into account, the university has made the decision for setting up the research centre for upgradation and improvement of research work.

As per a PU official, ‘Poor research work brought low score during the NAAC evaluation. PG departments of the university conduct research, but it is not sufficient in comparison to other universities. Currently, the university does not have ample resources to encourage and assist the students for carrying out research work like national universities do.’ PU will be the first university in Bihar to open a research centre at the college level’, as added by the official.


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