Patna DM advised private schools not to give pressure to parents for school fees


Patna district magistrate Kumar Ravi has instructed private schools not to pressurise parents for submitting school three months’ fees at a time in the wake of coronavirus lockdown.According to the order issued on Friday evening, private schools cannot force the parents to deposit fee for more than a month during this lockdown.

If one shows his incompetence to deposit one-month fee, schools must not pressurise them nor can they cancel admission of his ward.’Schools may request parents to deposit one-month tuition fee. They can make some quick arrangement for collecting other charges later in instalments.

Apart from this, parents should not be forced to come to school for buying uniform and books. However, the schools will provide home delivery of study materials to the students. The administration will help to provide vehicle pass for this purpose,’ the DM clarrified in his order.


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