PM Modi’s ‘9 PM- 9 Mins’ Request: People buys diyas in Patna


Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call, locals in Patna on Sunday visited potters’ shops to buy diyas (earthen lamps).”I have bought 50 diyas for today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had stated that people have to light the diyas for nine minutes after switching off light at home,’ Vikas Kumar, a resident of Patna, spoke to ANI.

Sushila Devi, who sells diyas said: ‘People are buying 10, 20 and 50 diyas as the Prime Minister has urged people to light diyas.’Amid a nationwide COVID-19 lockdown, Prime Minister Modi on Friday appealed to his citizens to light diyas and candles on April 5 at 9 pm to fight the darkness spread by the pandemic.


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