7 FAKE coronavirus stories you must NOT read and fall for


As COVID-19 outbreak continues to add to the problems of medical and health care workers across the entire world, there has been a errupt in rumours and fake news around the internet and social media. One group in India claims that there would be emergency imposed in the country while some floated the fake idea that hot water can kill coronavirus. These stories create unnecessary panic among the people. Government authorities including Prime Minister Narendra Modi have appealed to people to not read of pay attention to such fake stories.There are 7 most ridiculous fake stories that you must not read:

1.India has entered Stage-3 of COVID-19: Big Fake news

2.Salaries/Pensions of government employees will be deducted: Fake

3.400 yatris are stuck at Vaishno Devi: Fake

4.Social media posting on COVID-19 are punishable: Fake

5.Inhaling steam from hot water will kill coronavirus: Fake

6.COVID-19 is Airborne: Fake

7.Emergency will be declared in India mid-April: Fake


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