End of Corona will begin by end of this month! China’s scientist claims


China’s scientist claims that the End of Corona will begin by the end of this month!
Beijing: Amid the lockdown implemented due to Coronavirus for the past several days, the only subject haunting everyone’s brain is, will this all end? All the administrators and scientists all over the globe have the same question in their minds that when will this havoc end. Meanwhile, there is a ray of hope coming down now. China’s most renowned scientist has claimed that the coronavirus will begin to be extirpated within a month.
China’s most prominent scientist, Dr. Jong Nanshan, has said that by the end of April the coronavirus outbreak will begin.
Dr. Nanshan alleges that China will not tumble prey to this virus. In an interview presented on a TV channel in China, he said that the lockdown that many countries of the world have implemented to end it is a very effective measure in preventing this situation.


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