Tablighi Jamaat supporters attacked 4 policemen with stones


Patna: In the wake of Corona,cases increasing day by the day, the government has ordered a lockdown order across the country, but there are some people violating this rule.As per an information, the supporters of Tablighi Jamaat attacked the police on Wednesday in Giddarganj village of Andharathadi police station in Madhubani district of Bihar.

Four policemen were injured by this henious act. Actually, these villagers were organizing Dini Majlis in violation of public lockdown. On stopping the police, the villagers threw stones on them. Local Superintendent of Police Satya Prakash stated, on Wednesday that it was not clear whether the people who had participated in the Majlis had returned by attending the event of Markaz in Nizamuddin, Delhi..Although steps are being taken to arrest the policemen who identified the stone pelting on Tuesday night.


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